Healing Circles

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What Are Healing Circles?

The healing circle is a support group by and for systems-impacted individuals that offers a nontraditional means of healing from systemic oppression and trauma.

The goals are to foster community connection in a safe and supportive atmosphere; take ownership of the healing journey and offer it to others; and build skills beyond talking about our problems by exploring boundaries, appropriate communication, and emotional intelligence.

How do I get involved?

Interested in starting your own Healing Circle? Reach out to us at info@fullpicturejustice.com.

Weekly Prompt

June 17, 2024

Knowledge/Education/Learning/Wisdom:What is your perspective on this topic? What makes a person "educated"? Where have you obtained your knowledge/education and how do you learn best?

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Koray Okumus
UX Designer, Circooles

Healing Circles are for everyone; any creed, color or gender or non-gender, all are welcome.

Charles Johnson
Healing Circle Participant

Healing Circle has allowed me to experience many different perspectives, which supports my belief in giving people the benifit of the doubt.

Ellison Millare
Healing Circle Participant

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