Beyond sharing our clients' stories in the courtroom, we develop programs to build resilience in communities impacted by the death penalty.  

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We build life-history narratives of our clients for judges and juries to reach just and informed verdicts.

As trained Mitigation Specialists, we conduct exhaustive investigations into our clients’ lives going back three generations. This process is informed by American Bar Association guidelines and protects the constitutional rights of our clients.

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Our Process

Our Clients

Our clients are at the center of our cases and our organization. We begin each case by learning and supporting their immediate needs.

Information Gathering

We interview everyone who holds a piece of our client's story in order to build a life-history narrative. We compile records, research, and documentary evidence that demonstrates the arc of their life.

Legal Defense

We work closely with lawyers to ensure our client's constitutional right to have their story told in court.


We present our investigation, the story of a complete and complex human life, to those who need it in order to render a just decision, verdict, or ruling.

Training & Support

We offer training and mentorship to practitioners and advocates.

We conduct trainings with capital defense teams and consult with attorneys and investigators.

Through our annual internship program, we are able to help build a network of advocates while sharing our knowledge of death penalty defense.

Prescott Summer Institute

Undergraduate and graduate students undergo experience-based coursework on the U.S prison system and other special topics. Students learn from advocates, activists, academics, and policy makers.

Annual Internship

Each year, FPJ works with high school and college interns to research issues central to our work.

Our interns have organized awareness campaigns on the prison industrial complex, planned fundraisers for local organizations, and interviewed former clients and their families.


We train and consult with attorneys and investigators.

We offer pro-bono consultation and mentorship around issues of mental health, penalty phase investigation, and social histories for sentencing.

Our Impact

Death dropped pre-trial
Less-than-life sentence
Life without parole
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Community Services

Our programs support communities impacted by racial and economic injustice. 

We work with families to identify causes of inequity, instability, and incarceration. We design supportive, deliverable programs to facilitate their safety and healing.

Our goal is to respond to the specific needs of our clients’ families and communities, and we tailor our programs to address those needs.

Leyla Margolis-Brooks• 2019
Leyla Margolis-Brooks• 2019

Healing Circles

Last Day of Freedom

Artist Residency

Music for the Masses

Reading Across the Lines

Family Services



Advocacy & Organizing

We build community power to advocate for real public safety.

We believe that public safety is more than jailing and policing. To this end, we work with community coalitions to expand the definition of safety to include social services, investment in community, and abolition of the death penalty.

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Help us end the death penalty and repair its harm on our communities.

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