Healing Circles

Find resources to facilitate your own Healing Circles.


Circle Theme Examples

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Restorative Justice

  • Indigenous Roots of Circle
  • Medicine Wheel Work
  • Decolonize the Mind
  • RJ versus Criminal Justice versus Transformative, or Community Justice
  • How to hold a circle

Power of Storytelling

You Can’t Fear Someone Whose Story You Know.

  • Reentry Stories (Ensure that folks feel empowered, not exploited)
  • Survival Stories (Ensure that folks feel empowered, not exploited)
  • Childhood Stories
  • Sharing from various ages/eras each week
  • What went right in your childhood?
  • Stories about RJ concepts- (What was one time you felt or experienced: justice, hope, freedom, belonging, safe, ‘at home’?)
  • Tree of Life Prompts
  • Song of the Soul
  • Ancestor Stories



  • Accountability-What is Accountability?
  • Times I’ve done Harm/Times I’ve been Harmed; Needs resulting from Harm
  • Maori Story and Human Sculptures
  • Apologies/forgiveness
  • Healing: what promotes healing?
  • Support Circle



  • Race/Class/Gender: Who is in the circle?
  • Ability, Illness, Aging, Mortality 
  • Political Autobiography Circle
  • Freedom-(Times I felt free, define freedom)
  • Re Entry- "What could the community do to support you when you were coming home?" 
  • Discuss Reentry Resources
  • Storytelling and what psychological/emotional needs people have/had after coming home

Wondering About the Universe

  • Imagining a new/better world (consider using the resources that we currently put toward prison/punishment/etc)
  • Nature Circles
  • Animals
  • Four elements, Four seasons
  • What have you learned from Trees?
  • What do you wonder about? 


  • The Web of Life (Ball of yarn exercise)
  • Chaos Exercise 
  • Trauma Healing/Somatic Work
  • How Relationships Heal Trauma
  • Connection between humans and earth/other living things: nature, trees, animals
  • Council of All Beings-Joanna Macy
  • Deep Time Exercise-Joanna Macy
  • Vulnerability as Interdependence —  “vulnerability means showing your needs”  What are you running from? What are you running toward?

Current Events

  • Voting Rights
  • Women's Rights
  • LGBT Rights
  • Transgender Rights
  • Systemic Racism
  • Religious Freedom
  • Abuse By Police
  • White Privilege
  • Abolition

Core Self and Emotional Literacy

  • Johari’s Window. How you want to be seen/How others see you/How you see yourself
  • Self Care/Self Love (define self love; describe a person who demonstrates self love)
  • Self Awareness
  • Mask Exercise: 3 things you show/3 things you do not show
  • Importance of uncomfortable feelings
  • In what ways do we treat ourselves unfairly?


  • ‘I am From’ poem
  • Tattoos and Scars
  • Masks
  • Mosaic, collage, etc!

Non-Western Spiritual and Cultural Practices

(only if your participants are open to it)

  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Explore the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Grief and Loss circle
  • Elm Dance 

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