In the fight against the death penalty, seeing the full picture counts.

Community Resource Initiative

Full Picture Justice (formerly known as CRI) is an anti-death penalty nonprofit resource center serving the people, families, and communities impacted by imprisonment.

We’ve changed our name to better reflect our mission, but nothing’s changed about the way we help legal defense teams stop executions. We bring the full story of our clients' lives into the courtroom—so judges, prosecutors and juries can see the full picture of their humanity.

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impact of the death penalty

The death penalty and judicial system disproportionately affect vulnerable communities and perpetuate a cycle of incarceration.

People are on death row in 2021.
Increase in incarceration in the last 40 years.
Children have an incarcerated parent (2020).


Children, families, and communities are all impacted by an incarcerated loved one.

Childhood Development

Children with an incarcerated parent are more than three times as likely to have behavioral problems or depression and twice as likely to suffer from learning disabilities, ADHD, or anxiety.


Families of incarcerated people are more likely to experience poverty, lower educational levels, and loss of livelihood.

Cycles of Incarceration

The socioeconomic impact of incarceration on communities increases the likelihood that more members of that community will become incarcerated.

Our Impact

In The


Through the legal process of mitigation, we communicate to juries what it means to take a person’s life.

With The


We work with families and communities affected by the judicial system and provide support tailored to their needs.



We advocate to reform our criminal legal system and dismantle the death penalty.



"Everything has a consequence, and I just want to be part of causing positive consequences"

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