In the Community Newsletter: March 2024

Meet Our New Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Diane M. Lozano as our new Executive Director, effective September 1st, 2024. Diane brings over three decades of dedicated service to public defense and criminal justice reform, along with a wealth of experience and leadership to Full Picture Justice.

As the State Public Defender of Wyoming, Diane has a proven track record of tenacious and effective defense against death sentences and executions. Under her leadership, the conservative state has gone without an execution since 1992, and death row sits empty. Full Picture Justice has worked with Diane on capital cases for years, successfully staving off prosecutorial pursuit of the death penalty, resulting in the closest legislative attempt in Wyoming history to abolish the death penalty.

Join us on April 24th for a Panel Discussion

The End of the Death Penalty: Building Effective Interventions

On April 24th, you can meet Diane in person, as she joins a panel of Full Picture Justice community members to discuss lessons learned from her work in Wyoming, envisioning a world without the death penalty and the necessary strategies to get there. RSVP here.

Annual Staff & Board Retreat

Full Picture Justice Staff and Board Members spent a day planning and looking ahead to 2024 at this year’s annual retreat. Our time was spent thinking together about our goals for 2024, which include continuing to support the growth of the RAP program, strategies for professional development that meet the initial onboarding and continuing education needs of mitigation specialsits, and considering the reforms and movements that we want to focus on for our coalition work. We spent the afternoon planning for the arrival of Diane and envisioning the role of Executive Director.

Full Picture Justice and the Coalition to End Biased Stops wins final vote at SF Police Commission

Congratulations to the Coalition to End Biased Stops! On February 21, the policy vote to prevent racially biased pretextual traffic stops passed its final vote. The vote comes after an unprecedented public input process that lasted more than a year and after nearly a year of bargaining with the Police Officer’s Association. The Commission has directed SFPD to implement this policy within 90 days. We are proud to be an organizing member of the Coalition to End Biased Stops, a broad-based group of community organizations and advocates committed to ending racially biased stops by police in our city.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to submit public comment, wrote the members of the Police Commission, and supported our 2-year grassroots effort. For decades, police have used non-safety violations as a “pretext” to detain and search people, wreaking untold economic, physical, psychological, and intergenerational harm, especially against communities of color.

Read more here.

Join the Treasure Island Healing Circle

Our Healing Circles offer a nontraditional means of healing from systemic oppression and trauma and is open to all in the Bay Area who want to heal —free of charge. There are nearly one million people living within San Francisco and very few community building healing circles offered within the city limits, and we don’t know of any that are offered weekly. Currently, in addition to our Tuesday circle, Full Picture Justice provides a circle on Thursdays on Treasure Island, making healing accessible to residents in multiple parts of the city and multiple days of the week. Come check it out!

Last Day of Freedom Viewing and Community Circle

Join us for a viewing on May 3rd at 6:00 pm of Last Day of Freedon (2015), hosted by Full Picture Justice staff and Co-Director Nomi Talisman, at the Full Picture Justice headquarters in the Mission. This remarkable film, which Nomi co-directed and produced with Dee Hibbert-Jones, has been honored with an Academy Award nomination, an Emmy win, and the International Documentary Association's Best Short award. After the screening, Rigo and Sandra will lead a circle discussion about the power of listening and sharing our narratives. To secure your spot, simply email your RSVP to

Support us!

Client and family support, advocacy, and community initiatives are solely funded from philanthropic investment and community support. Here is how your donations can support our work:

$15k - send the Full Picture Justice staff to the Capital Case Defense Seminar

$10k - fund the summer youth restorative justice leadership internship

$5k - cover cost of training 30 participants to become healing circle facilitators

$1K - build the healing circles curriculum and materials webpage

$400 - support one month of the Treasure Island Healing Circle

$100 - buy holiday gifts for a client’s family

$75 -  offer dinner for one of the Tuesday healing circle meetings

$25 -  provide one hour of hands-on tech training  

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